Browser Fundamentals

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One of the first steps in learning to use the online environment is to get your head around some browser fundamentals. Here are some videos to help you with this.

How to manage your bookmarks using Google Chrome

Learn how to create and manage bookmarks in your web browser using this handy tutorial. This will help you quickly get back to the websites and documents you regularly use. This is a visual method for creating and managing your bookmarks using Chrome.

You will learn:

Overview of Google Chrome
How to show the bookmarks bar
How to visually create a bookmark
How to edit a bookmark
Creating bookmarks without titles
Other ways to create bookmarks
How to create a folder for bookmarks

This video is 6 minutes 43 seconds long…

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Handy Settings in Google Chrome

[accessally_user_firstname], there are a number of useful settings that you can enable in Google Chrome that will save time. Here are a couple of handy tips to start you off.

This video is 6 minutes 43 seconds long…

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