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Rob Clarke

File > Email collaborators...Hi Raewyn,

I think that you are talking about the feature inside a document ‘Email collaborators…’?

If so, then humpf! It appears that this feature isn’t yet implemented into Team Drives – what a pain!

Here is a workaround until Google can implement this feature (which I’m sure they will have on their list as it is hugely popular):

  1. Update the file in question, eg. the Staff Booklet for your school.
  2. Copy the URL of the updated file (if a plain Doc).
  3. Or, if it is a Google Sheet and you want staff to go to a specific tab in the Sheet, then navigate to that tab and then copy the URL which will take people to that specific tab in the Sheet.
  4. Email it to them in a message inside Staff Notices area of your Staff Portal.

Does that help? Let me know how you go,



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