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Rob Clarke

Hi Sally,

Yes, this is a new feature in Hapara that allows you to sync your classes into Hapara, thus making the process of class creation quick and easy (if you need to make a new class).

One feature I like in Classroom is the ‘stream/wall’ which is like a facebook wall but for your class. It gives you a sort of ‘social network’ for your kids in a safe environment.

Hapara - Google Classroom Sync

Google¬†Classroom doesn’t have the variety of tools that Hapara does with regards to differentiating/monitoring/designing learning though.

So if I were teaching a class and had to choose I’d choose both – Classroom for the stream/wall and Hapara for everything else. This video gives you an overview of the tool…

The administrator has to enable the sync inside the Hapara admin console first, then teachers can choose to sync their classes up.

You can get more information here…

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