Member Guidelines

Dear [accessally_user_firstname],

The Learning Architects Online Learning Community is a specialist environment that has been established to support your learning, helping you become more efficient in your job and enabling you to connect with colleagues. The vision for the community is to:

Empower you to learn, connect and share through the provision of high-quality materials, resources and expertly targeted advice.

These guidelines are here to promote a friendly and welcome atmosphere for you and to maintain the highest level of integrity, positivity, and focused, respectful growth for all our members.

It is your space to connect, learn, share, and support one another. We have developed the following guidelines for all members. As such, your agreement in joining this community implies your agreement to follow these guidelines. Please ensure you are familiar with them.

Acceptable Behaviour & Relationship with Other Members
The forum will be moderated by Rob Clarke, the creator of the community, and other team members from Learning Architects. Our role is to stimulate discussion, answer questions, provide inspiration and if necessary, moderate any inappropriate content or comments.

The focus of the forums is to increase our combined knowledge and share ideas, resources and support so we can all be more successful in our roles.

In this community you will be mentored, mentor others, gain support and advice; many of our participants will form friendships and therefore a reduction in the feeling of isolation that some office staff experience.

Opinions, advice and all other information expressed by members in discussions or in other areas of the community are those of the author. You rely on such information at your own risk. Members are urged to seek professional advice for specific, individual situations and not rely solely on advice or opinions given in the community.
Be Kind
Our aim is to support you in the best way possible in your professional journey, by maintaining a positive vibe and energy within the community. Treat others the way you want to be treated. We have a zero tolerance policy for negativity, bullying, drama, or gossip.

If you disagree or have an opposing viewpoint to share, please share it with respect. Spirited debate about ideas or concepts is awesome, personal attacks are not. If you can’t be kind, be quiet.

We want this to be a supportive, encouraging environment and a safe place to grow as a person and as a professional. Violation of this guideline is grounds for immediate and permanent removal from the community, without a refund.

Be generous
Give more than you ask. Share what you’re working on, but keep a larger emphasis on sharing support, wisdom, and encouragement. Think 3:1 and try to give 3X more support, insight, and encouragement than you ask for.
Stay On-topic
Please be sure your topic matches the theme of the forum you are using. Not sure if you’re posting to the right forum? Check the forum’s Description, or recently-added discussion topics to get an idea of what subjects are appropriate.
Respect Intellectual Property and Copyright
The community will provide members with templates and resources that are aimed to help you do your job. These templates and resources will usually have a copyright or Creative Commons license associated with them. Please ensure you read and follow these.

Do not infringe others intellectual property – copycat behaviour or plagiarism will not be tolerated and is grounds for removal from the programme and the community. If you’re ever in doubt whether you can use or share something a member has posted or shared – ask that member first. If an item has been shared by a member for other members, take the time to thank that member for their contribution.

Our highest priority is to maintain a positive and supportive forum where all people feel comfortable and empowered. If you feel someone is acting inappropriately please report it to [email protected].

Promotion of Services and Products
Members may provide discussion related to third party products and solutions if the product/solution meets a specific need in their school.

This type of discussion may only relate to the feature sets and pros/cons of the solution discussed. This discussion may not provide any kind of critique or criticism of the provider (eg. service, etc). Violation of this guideline could result in any/all of the following:

  • Your post may be removed without notice.
  • Your account may be paused.
  • Your account may face removal from the community without a refund.

Learning Architects has a number of strategic business partners whose products we reserve the right to promote to you if we feel they meet a real need. We will do so in a way that isn’t over the top or pushy. You can find these inside Resources > Innovative Tools & Systems section of the site.

Deal With Concerns Positively

This community, its forums and other tools on the site are not places to raise concerns about a course, service or product from Learning Architects or its partners under any circumstance.

If you have a problem with any of these aspects, please raise them with [email protected] and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible. This community is also not a place to deal with concerns you have related to your workplace – follow your workplace procedure in this instance.

Please do not private message Learning Architects team members directly as we have a process that such issues should go through to ensure optimal customer service at all times.

If you find a typo, inaccuracy, outdated tip, resource or link, or anything you feel is not right, please email [email protected] and we will address it.

Tech Support and Access

If you require some tech support to access any part of the site you should email [email protected] with your question or problem.

Please do not post such issues in the forums as we want to keep the forums free from this sort of issue and focus on the issues they relate to. If the support you need requires additional help we will tell you what the costs of this support will be.

Our Support Promise
We like to keep our support authentic, highly practical, useful and spontaneous rather than scheduled and repetitive! While the community is in its infancy you will expect us to be in the forums most days M-F.

In the interests in giving you minimum support guarantees you can expect the following:

  1. We aim to provide answers to questions as clearly and succinctly as possible.
  2. We will endeavour to respond to questions within 48 hours Monday-Friday for the majority of the year.
  3. To maintain productivity in other areas of our business we respond to questions in 1 or 2 scheduled sessions not constantly throughout the day.
  4. There may be times when our team is unavailable due to conference presentations and consulting commitments. In this case we will let you know if there will be a delay in responding to your questions.
  5. Where we need to research the answer to a question we will tell you and then come back once we’ve done this.
  6. We won’t provide answers over weekends, or public holidays so please be patient if writing questions out of business hours.
  7. Other members are likely to provide answers to questions and we encourage all members to support one another and grow your network of colleagues.

All questions must go through the discussion forums so that your question (and the resulting discussion it generates) will be of benefit to other members.

What happens if you don’t follow these guidelines?

We really hope that this never happens, but here is what might happen:

  • We might delete your post without notice. If something is deleted, it’s probably not an accident – either too many people reported it or our team found it unsuitable and removed it. (The reason we say without notice is that our goal is to put our time and energy into creating more amazing things for you.)
  • We might reach out to you to say that you’re in violation of our Member Guidelines (we’ll give you the benefit of the doubt but we take this programme and its members very seriously).
  • Your access to forums or other parts of the community may be restricted – for instance, you may lose the ability to post in the forums.
  • Your access may be revoked. If this happens due to breaking these guidelines there is no refund.

If you have ANY questions about our guidelines, or if there’s a question we haven’t answered, please write to us at [email protected].

Updates to these Guidelines
We are constantly improving how our membership community works and will review these guidelines from time to time. We will put any improvements to these out to the community in the general forum as part of our regular member update process.

This community is the only one of its kind. We aim for it to be the best and most supportive around so get involved, learn and become part of this amazing community.

These guidelines are being continually updated and we encourage you to read them when in doubt about an issue.

Social Sharing General

[accessally_user_firstname], If you’re enjoying, please share it with your friends!

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