Dear [accessally_user_firstname],

Thanks for being a partner for the Online Learning Community for Learning Architects – we are delighted to have your support and hope we can also support you. For your efforts, you receive $100 for the first year and 20% for each year thereafter for each paying member.

Below are the tools for you to use as part of your sales process. The Sales Tools provide you with links and images to use to support promotional efforts.

When the tracked links are clicked, a cookie is stored on the user’s computer which is tracked. If the user makes a purchase (through the online system by credit card) this will result in a commission payment for you – yippee!

[accessally_tab_section][accessally_tab_header]Your Sales Tools[/accessally_tab_header][accessally_tab_content]Following are the various products you may sell on our behalf:

Online Learning Community:

  1. Single person sign up – $250+gst per annum
    [affiliate_link program=’’]


Stand Alone Courses:

  1. Staff Booklet Template and Online Course – $49.95
    This is an online course designed to make it easy for people to customise this highly successful template which uses a Google Sheet.
    [affiliate_link program=’’]
  2. Google Sheets & Forms 1 – coming soon
  3. Tame Your Email 1 – Fundamentals – coming soon
  4. Tame Your Email 2 – Essential Settings – coming soon
  5. Train Your Email – coming soon
  6. Tame & Train Your Email Bundle – coming soon
  7. Best Practices for Organising Cloud-based Systems – coming soon


Free Content To Promote:

  1. Free Google Top Tips Course – series of helpful emails, great for teachers, principals and office staff: [affiliate_link program=’’]
  2. Free Class Planning Template – a very popular template with teachers: [affiliate_link program=’’]
  3. Free Annual Plan Template + Online Course – a free template + short online course designed to help school principals with their Annual Planning: [affiliate_link program=’’]

[/accessally_tab_content][accessally_tab_header]Your Sales Results[/accessally_tab_header][accessally_tab_content]This section provides a summary of your results.

Leads: [affiliate_leads duration=’30’]

Balance: [affiliate_total item=’Balance’] (This is the amount of total commission you’ve earned, less payments and clawbacks.)

Commissions: [affiliate_total item=’Commissions’] (This is the total amount of sales made with your affiliate links.)

Paybacks: [affiliate_total item=’Paybacks’] (This refers to the payments we’ve made to you.)

Clawbacks: [affiliate_total item=’Clawbacks’] (This refers to any refunds from sales. If this occurs, the clawback is taken off future sales.)

[accessally_tab_header]Last 30 Days[/accessally_tab_header]
[accessally_tab_content] This shows the activity from the last 30 days…






Commissions: [affiliate_summary duration=’30’ item=’Commissions’]

Payments: [affiliate_summary duration=’30’ item=’Payments’]

Clawbacks: [affiliate_summary duration=’30’ item=’Clawbacks’][/accessally_tab_content][accessally_tab_header]Detailed Data[/accessally_tab_header][accessally_tab_content][affiliate_details duration=’30’ item=’Commissions’][/accessally_tab_content][/accessally_tab_section]

Thank you for being a partner and we wish you well in your endeavors!

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