CategoryFiltercsvFiltercsvFilterCardsContentStringFilter Renamer for Google DriveRenames all files in a selected Drive folder according to chosen settings. Doesn't do subfolders though. See also: Multiple File Rename for Google Drive which has better reviews. Staff, School Leaders, ICT Leaders, TeachersBulk renaming files inside Google Drive.
Bulk Resize PhotosBulk Resize Photos is a free, online image resizer images for the webOffice Staff, School Leaders, Class Teachers, ICT LeadersResizing lots of photos quickly. MigratorAllows you to transfer your Drive files/documents from one account to another or to make a copy of a Drive folder. Staff, ICT Leaders, School Leaders, Class TeachersG Suite Admin - moving drive files from one account to another.
EvercontactBrilliant tool for updating your contacts automatically. It senses when contact details have changed and updates them. Staff, School Leaders, Class TeachersMerging contact records between services (paid).
EvernoteAmazing note/audio/photo taking tool takingOffice Staff, School Leaders, Class Teachers, ICT LeadersNote taking.
Folder Copy for Google DriveAdds the ability to copy a folder/subfolders to another location in Google Drive. Staff, ICT Leaders, School Leaders, Class TeachersG Suite Admin - moving drive files from one account to another.
Folder Notifications for DriveGet notified of change made on all the files in 1 Google Drive folder. Staff, School Leaders, Class TeachersWorking in shared folders. web's leading diagramming and visualization app. Staff, School Leaders, Class TeachersFlowcharting, diagramming and showing procedures or processes
PDF CompressorGreat for compressing newsletters prior to sending them out. managementOffice Staff, School Leaders, Class Teachers, ICT LeadersCompressing PDFs.
Right InboxScheduling emails, recurring emails and email reminders. Staff, School Leaders, Class Teachers, ICT LeadersEmail productivity. tracking of emails. Staff, School LeadersOffice Staff, School Leaders
TrelloTrello is a collaboration tool that organizes your projects into boards. ManagementOffice Staff, School Leaders, Class Teachers, ICT LeadersTask and project management.
Multiple File Rename for Google DriveAn easy to use online utility which enables you to rename multiple files or files in folders with many flexible criteria. Staff, School Leaders, ICT Leaders, Teachers, StudentsBulk renaming files inside Google Drive.
TimyCreate scheduled messages within Slack using this free service. AppOffice Staff, School Leaders, ICT Leaders, TeachersScheduling messages in the instant messaging tool Slack.
CategoryFiltercsvFiltercsvFilterCardsContentStringFilter RemindersSet up and organize email reminders from a Spreadsheet Staff, School LeadersEasy calendar reminders Rows and ColumnsAdds multiple rows and columns to your spreadsheet quickly. Staff, School Leaders, ICT LeadersManaging spreadsheets easily Find and ReplaceSearch in values, formulas, notes, hyperlinks in all sheets at once. Staff, School LeadersQuickly finding and replacing data in Sheets. merge in the cloud. Quite powerful and a little more advanced. Staff, School LeadersMail merge. for Google SheetsVERY powerful tool for pulling data from the web and much, much more. Staff, School Leaders, ICT LeadersManaging data import into Sheets. Sheet ManagerAllows you to delete, protect and lock sheets in one go. Staff, School Leaders, ICT LeadersLocking Sheets Event ImporterImports data from one or more Google Calendars into Sheets. Staff, School LeadersImporting calendar data into Sheets. CaseMake changes to the case of text in block selections: uppercase, lowercase, first letter capitals, invert, sentence and title case. Staff, School Leaders, ICT Leaders, Teachers, StudentsFormatting text to FormLimiter - great for signing up for time slots or having students choose topics without doubling up. Staff, School LeadersManaging workshops SheetAllows you to instantly crop the sheet to the data, or the selected region. Staff, School LeadersCrop your Sheets by getting rid of unwanted rows or columns EverywhereVery interesting tool which allows you to connect an Excel spreadsheet to a Google Sheet, so that if you edit either - it synchronises! Staff, School LeadersSynchronising Excel files with Google Sheets. ToolsA set of single-click tools to change case, highlight text, sort tables and lists, change numbers to text, and more. Big time saver! Staff, School Leaders, ICT Leaders, TeachersChanging the case of text in Docs and many more features. AccentsAllows writing in different languages, Māori macrons! Tumeke! Staff, School LeadersWriting using macrons and other symbols - awesome! Notifications for FormsAllows you to send customized email notifications to form respondents. Staff, School LeadersNotifying form respondents RangeAllows you to take a snippet from a spreadsheet and email it to someone. Staff, School LeadersEmailing a snippet from a Sheet to someone ManagerThe all-in-one add-on to manage registrations to multiple events Staff, School LeadersManaging registrations for events. Cabinet by Awesome TableQuickly list all the files of a Google Drive folder in a spreadsheet, and automatically display it in a table view. Staff, School LeadersDisplaying files inside a Drive folder easily Owner ChangeHandy if you wish to change ownership of folders, subfolders and files en masse. ConsoleOffice Staff, School Leaders, ICT LeadersChanging ownership of folders en masse. off a Google Form after a maximum number of responses, at a date and time, or when a spreadsheet cell equals a value. Staff, School Leaders, ICT Leaders, TeachersLimiting sign ups in a Google Form Sheets to CalendarBrilliant for creating mass events in a calendar. Staff, School LeadersSetting up calendar events en masse. permission slips (3 free). Staff, School LeadersOnline signing of permission SheetsMap address or GPS related data and places it onto a Google Map. Staff, School LeadersInstantly mapping location of geographic data ValuesJoins two values together (e.g first and last name). Staff, School LeadersJoining values in different columns together ToolsVery handy add-on which does a whole range of quick clean-up type tasks in spreadsheets (eg. lower/upper case, split cells, text to columns, etc.). Staff, School LeadersQuickly cleaning up data in Sheets (lots of features) PlanningGANTT charts and project planning. Staff, School LeadersProject management DuplicatesQuickly find duplicates in one sheet or in two columns. Move, delete, or highlight the results. Has a number of useful tools. Make your Google Sheets duplicate-free in a flash. Staff, School LeadersRemoving duplicates of data SantaHelps you organize a blind gift distribution among your family, your mates or even your work team. Staff, School LeadersOrganising a fun activity for the team Send for FormsAllows you to send the form results to specified email addresses, with the option to merge with a template. Staff, School LeadersSending form results by email NamesQuickly split full names to several columns with first, middle, last names, titles, and/or post-nominal letters. Staff, School LeadersSplitting values in a Sheet cell some pre-set options which will appeal to some users. Staff, School LeadersQuickly applying a style to a Sheet SheetsGenerates and helps you solve sudoku problems. Staff, School LeadersGenerating sudoku sheets MonkeyAllows you to view your Survey Monkey data in a spreadsheet! Staff, School LeadersViewing Survey Monkey data inside a Sheet Styles for Google SheetsAllows you to set up table styles for sheets. Staff, School LeadersQuickly applying a style to a Sheet your Google calendar as a timesheet. Staff, School LeadersSetting up a timesheet Another Mail MergeWrite your template as a draft in Gmail and insert {{markers}} to reuse data from your spreadsheet and send personalized emails. Staff, School LeadersMail merge. SpreadsheetConvert and email Google Spreadsheets as PDF, Excel or CSV to multiple people. Staff, School LeadersConverting and emailing Google spreadsheets manually or on a recurring schedule. for DocsBrilliant add-on for Docs which allows you to get notifications of changes to documents (or folders) that you specify. Totally brilliant. Staff, School Leaders, ICT Leaders, Teachers, StudentsBeing notified of changes to files or folders. enables you to easily lock a cell or range of cells in a Google Sheet. This is a brilliant tool that gives you a lot more flexibility in how you protect information inside a Google Sheet. Watch the tutorial here Staff, School Leaders, ICT Leaders, TeachersProtect cells immediately after they've been edited. Prevents users editing each other's cells in collaborative sheets. allows you to manage your G Suite domain, 25+ tools and reports to speed up your admin daily work. Achieve most common google apps admin tasks right from Spreadsheet. No need to go on the admin console, just from spreadsheet you can create a users, move user to an OU, create reports to list all groups, all users of an OU, all resources, all Google Sites, etc... ConsoleICT LeadersManaging G Suite administration tasks from a Google Sheet InventoryThis script is for super-admins, to be used on G Suite domains with Chrome Device Management Console licenses -- used to manage Chromebooks. This script allows you to both export and update your Chromebook inventory via a Google Sheet. It enables download and update of the metadata and Organisational Units of enrolled Chrome devices direct from a Google Sheet. ConsoleICT LeadersManaging ChromeBooks using a Google Sheet. you missing the ability to show invisibles in Google Docs? Not any more! Staff, School Leaders, ICT Leaders, Teachers, StudentsShowing invisible characters in Google Docs DeckAmazing formative assessment tool for Google Slides. Turns your slideshows into interactive assessment tools! This add-on allows you to add the magic of formative assessments and interactive questions to your presentations right from Google Slides. Has a range of types of questions you can use: multi-choice, open-ended, drag/drop, tickbox and more! Leaders, Teachers, StudentsInclude formative assessment inside Slideshows! PublisherExcellent tool for creating Docs, Sheets, Slides & PDF from form submissions. Even does approval workflows! Free version creates 100 files/month ( Staff, School Leaders, ICT Leaders, Teachers, StudentsCreate documents, PDF, Sheets & Slides from form submissions. RangerFlexible add-on which allows you to dynamically populate form question choices from a column in a Google Sheet. Supports populate multiple choice, list, checkbox, and grid style question options. Staff, School Leaders, ICT Leaders, Teachers, StudentsAuto-populating Form fields - very useful for RSVPs. ManagerManage RSVPs to events using a sheet, form and provide calendar invites to registrants! Staff, School Leaders, ICT LeadersManaging RSVPs for multiple events using a Google Sheet.
CategoryFiltercsvFiltercsvFilterCardsContentStringFilter featured tool for tracking and making email more efficient, task management. Staff, School LeadersEmail productivity. PlusRemoves ads from videos online, including those in web pages. BrowserOffice Staff, School LeadersRemoves ads from video services such as Youtube and Vimeo. Text ExpanderGreat for automatically inserting text into fields, documents, emails/etc. BrowserOffice Staff, School LeadersCreating text snippets to reuse. DriveOpen and edit easily Microsoft Office files from Google Drive Staff, School Leaders, Class TeachersWorking with Microsoft Office files within Google Apps you to schedule messages to be sent or returned at a later date. Staff, School Leaders, Class TeachersScheduling email messages. for CalendarLife changing experience for making a meeting with one other person. Staff, School Leaders, Class TeachersScheduling meetings using calendar. you in control of saving paper, ink and money when printing from the web. Staff, School Leaders, Class TeachersPrinting - get rid of the surpurflous parts of the page. This PageGreat tool for sending the current URL via email to someone else. Staff, School Leaders, Class TeachersEmailing a web page quickly. URL ShortenerURL shortener and QR code generator BrowserOffice Staff, School Leaders, Class TeachersShortening URLs or creating QR codes. Input ToolsAllows you to write in other languages. Staff, School Leaders, Class TeachersWriting in multiple languages. you to make the hangouts pop out float. Staff, School Leaders, Class TeachersMakes the hangout float easily. EditingVery useful for dealing quickly with Office files without mucking about with conversion. Staff, School Leaders, Class TeachersWorking with Microsoft Office files within Google Apps quick searching of the OmniBox within Chrome. Staff, School Leaders, Class TeachersSearching your Drive directly from your browser address bar. Click Extension ManagerEssential once you get lots of extensions, quickly turn them on/off. BrowserOffice Staff, School Leaders, Class TeachersManaging Chrome extensions once you have lots of them. MergeUseful for making PDFs smaller, or merging multiple PDFs before putting them on your website or emailing them. ManagementOffice Staff, School Leaders, Class TeachersJoining PDFs together. for GoogleProvides range of support tools to help confidence with reading and writing, including: read aloud with easy-to-follow dual color highlighting, plus more. Staff, School Leaders, Class TeachersHelping people with learning differences (eg. dyslexia, etc.) or learners who can't write. from GmailMakes Gmail your default email application and provides a button to compose a Gmail message to quickly share a link via email. Staff, School Leaders, Class TeachersEmail productivity. GlueThis simple organization tool puts all of your Chrome tabs together into one window with a single click. BrowserOffice Staff, School Leaders, Class TeachersJoining browser windows in one click. ScissorsAwesome tools for splitting and joining the browser windows. BrowserOffice Staff, School Leaders, Class TeachersSplitting your browser screen in one click. Long Didn't ReadCreates a summary of any web article without leaving the original page. BrowserOffice Staff, School Leaders, Class TeachersSummarising web pages. Chrome Screen RecordingA free screen recording and lecture capture extension designed for educators to empower video in the classroom. BrowserOffice Staff, School LeadersScreen capture and integrating video to learning management system. Google Drive with Dropbox, Box, ...Sync, backup and integrate anything from your Dropbox, Salesforce, SharePoint, Google Gmail, Evernote, Box, OneDrive, Egnyte, or Basecamp account with Google Drive. Staff, School LeadersBrowsing all your files in the cloud directly from your Google Drive webpage. Smart Skin for GmailProvides a seamless, intuitive way to plan and prioritize emails & tasks in a single Gmail workspace. Staff, School LeadersEffortlessly organizing emails & tasks in a single Gmail workspace. PageWorks with local Mail clients and WebMail accounts to quickly send a link to the current website per e-mail to somebody. Staff, School LeadersEasily sending the url of a page, link, image or video per mail. for GmailMailTracker lets you track the emails you send with Gmail. It also indicates the devices used by your recipients and their locations. Staff, School LeadersTracking the emails you send with Gmail and indicating the devices used by your recipients and their locations. - Video RecorderCapture, narrate and instantly share videos to others for free! This handy extension has one-click to record, one-click to finish and a publicly shareable URL automatically copied to your clipboard. This extension exports .mov or .mp4 videos so is great for students using Chromebooks! Also has a app you can install on your computer! BrowserOffice Staff, School LeadersCapturing, narrating and instantly sharing videos to communicate faster, clearer and friendlier. and CommentThis free extension lets you record and send voice notes on all sites (Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Github, Gmail, Google+, Wordpress, ...), in an easy way. BrowserOffice Staff, School LeadersMaking voice notes and comments on any site! Plus for Google DriveExcellent way to get notifications of changes on files inside a folder. This extension also has other similar ones for: gmail and calendar. Staff, School Leaders, ICT Leaders, TeachersBeing notified of changes to files or folders. Shortcuts #1Navigate easily in the Admin Console (or Control Panel) of your G Suite Domain. Save time with a direct access to the most used functions. ConsoleICT LeadersQuickly accessing the G Suite admin console for SlackEasily share a URL from your web browser into a Slack channel. See also Timy for Slack inside Resources > Apps. Staff, School Leaders, ICT Leaders, TeachersQuickly sharing URLs in Slack. PaintDraw shapes, lines, and add text to live web pages and take a screenshot. Provides a range of easy to use drawing tools that let you draw shapes, lines, and add text to live web pages and take a screenshot. It even supports touch screens. Leaders, ICT Leaders, Teachers, StudentsDraw objects, lines, shapes and more on live web pages. Great for online meetings. Great SuspenderCloses the tabs you aren't using. Perfect if you have a lot of tabs open at the same time. Tabs that are not viewed after a certain amount of time will automatically be suspended in the background. BrowserSchool Leaders, ICT Leaders, Teachers, StudentsCloses the tabs you aren't using
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