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Here is our school vision…


At Grey Lynn School, everyone and their ideas are valued and respected by all.  We have respect for others, the environment and ourselves.  A positive environment where everyone feels safe to say what they feel is evident.  We respect others’ ideas and opinions and ensure everybody has a voice.  Tikanga Maori Principles are embedded in our values and practices.  They support community, confidence, questioning and create a philosophy of acceptance.

We are all able to take risks.  We see mistakes as an opportunity to learn.  We know why learning is important and we are open to feedback, even when it is hard to hear.  There is alignment through the school in the way feedback is given and received.  We are able to show resilience if a mistake is made and learn from these as we move towards becoming lifelong learners.  This helps us achieve a positive attitude and strong sense of self-belief.

Grey Lynn School builds positive relationships.  There is strong collaboration between students, parents and the community.  We are inclusive and celebrate cultural diversity, as evident in our celebrations.  We value our partnerships.

We believe all children can make progress regardless of their circumstances.  Everything we do is child centred.  We have high expectations.  Our students are involved in school decision-making.  Our assessment practices are regular and meaningful.  We make sure children and their parents know where they are on their learning journey.  Teaching and learning is authentic, purposeful and personalised.  Our children know whey they are learning and we equip them for the future, as 21st century learners.

Our staff are passionate and want to be here.  At Grey Lynn School, we walk the talk.  Staff feel they are safe, secure, happy and supported which enables them to be open to new learning.  There is an emphasis on effective professional development and the opportunity to process and practice new or developing skills.  Our mentoring system means our leaders are scaffolded to ensure success.

Visitors to our school will see individuals who are clear of expectations, take personal responsibility and are passionate.  Together we ensure trust, honesty and loyalty are central to our school culture.  An environment of inclusiveness and celebration of our diversity is woven through the fabric of Grey Lynn School.

23rd January 2015


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