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Vicki Harrington
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Hi Dae-Maree,

Congratulations on your new role at your school.

The way I keep a track of the Novopay forms and ticket numbers is by setting up in my gmail a label for each staff member under an HR tab.  I name the label HR/Staff name and MOE number.   Then when a ticket number comes back from Novopay, I label it with the staff members HR label and also a ‘Followup’ label.   Then once the ticket number has been closed, I remove my followup label, and replace it with a label named ‘complete’.  Then I archive it into my email labels under that HR/Staff member.  This way they are easy to track.  I keep all my ‘followup’ emails at the top of my emails – so I can easily monitor them.

If I am sending a form off, (which hopefully we will be doing less and less – as Ed Payroll get rid of having to submit forms), I keep it on my desktop until it is completed and then I file it in that staff members personnel file that I have for them in a folder on my desktop.

This is just one way of doing things, but it seems to work for me.  Filing the Novopay tickets in this system eradicates the need to print them out.

Enjoy!  🙂

Vicki Harrington

Elmwood Normal School CHCH





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