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Rob Clarke

Annoyed minionHi Rhonda,

Ohh no, that is a pain! I’m sorry this happened, but glad the parent who edited the form didn’t mess the entire thing up!

Superman minionThe solution is in how you’ve shared the Form in the first place – you’ve shared it with parents as collaborators and effectively made the Form editable; whereas you really only want them to fill it in – make sense?

The video inside¬†Google Sheets & Forms for the Office > Gathering Data > Introduction to Forms > Step 13 ‘How to send the Form to others’ will show you how to do this.

Unfortunately, you can’t undo what the parent over-wrote as there isn’t currently a Version History inside a Form – but at least the parent didn’t muck the entire form up in this case!

This Form would be a good one to share with others, as all schools have to do the Health Consultation Survey.


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