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Rob Clarke

Hi Sharon,

Got it, now I see what is happening 😉

You are using the software app Google Drive, which has been superceded twice now!

Originally it was called ‘Google Drive’ (logical!), then it changed to ‘Backup & Sync’, and now it is changed again to: ‘Google Drive File Stream’ (phew!).

So, as I see it, if you want to be able to save into a Team Drive (not visible via the Google Drive app), follow these steps:

Apple System Prefs

  1. Download and install the new app Google Drive File Stream
  2. To use the app on your computer, you may need to allow access security settings. You look like you are using a Mac, so you may need to allow this in the security setting inside the System Preferences (Apple > System Preferences > Security & Privacy): Security & Privacy” width=”875″ height=”492″ />
  3. Now that it is installed, you have some really useful options. Drive File Stream is a greatly improved tool and doesn’t take any space on your computer like the old Google Drive app did – it streams what you need when you need it!
  4. Follow this tutorial to use it – this will appear as part of an upcoming online course for members this year!

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