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Rob Clarke

Hi Nigel,

No problem, that’s what we are here for 😉

This isn’t something that is terribly user-friendly in Google Docs just yet, so the answer/solution will depend on how you are trying to lay the final document out.

At the moment I don’t have access to that document you shared – I’ve just requested this.

Once I see the end product you want, then I can be more specific, but to start you off, check out this forum post for Shotover School in Queenstown about putting a watermark into a Google Doc

There are two free tools I suggest in there which may help:

  1. Add Watermark to PDF
  2. I Love PDF

The problem with both of these options is you are doing it for each and every file. Longer term I think you should look at automating part/all of this process (possibly using a Mail Merge which would require some skill building).

Once you’ve shared the document with me I’ll take a closer look.


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