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Emma Riddell
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Kia ora Steve,

It’s really easy once you know how! Set up/create the document that you want to use as your template.

Navigate to the the create new document in drive, but instead of selecting ‘Blank document’ select ‘From a template’ option. Trust me.

A dialog box will open asking you to select the sharing options for this, you will then be taken to the template gallery.

On the right had side is a [Submit template] button.

Click on this and you will be asked to select a document. Navigate to your newly created template. You can choose to submit a copy instead of the original if you prefer.


There are options to create different categories of templates which I have done for my school. Not necessary if you don’t want to do this. Once you have selected the doc you are going to use for the template hit [submit].






Next time you want to use the template, just follow the same steps as above except instead of submitting a template navigate to the one you want to use. It will open in drive as a new document, remember to rename it!

Note: To make changes to a template in the gallery click on the 3 vertical elipses to the right of each one for options. Documents in the template gallery have this on them


Hope this helps🤔


Ngā mihi maioha

Emma Riddell 😉

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