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      Steve Matthews
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      I am trying to set up my groups so that I can e-mail all my parents in one go. Then this gets updated by my office administrator whenever we get a changed e-mail address.

      This leads to then adding parents to class e-mails as well. Much easier to push one label for emailing a different year or class groups.

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      Emma Riddell
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      Kia ora Steve,

      I was just wondering what SMS you use. Wouldn’t setting up and maintaining parent emails in the admin console be labour intensive? Whereas utilising your SMS would be so much more efficient as it is always dynamic?

      Just a thought …

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      Rob Clarke

      Good point Emma,

      Though in this case, it is a small school of about 50 students, so not a lot of work.

      One downside of using the SMS that I’ve seen is that many school staff don’t know how to (or the SMS itself is difficult to use) send emails from inside it!

      The advantage of using a Google Group approach is that you can allow any staff member to be able to email each class group.

      Steve, did the instructions I put in here at the very bottom of the discussion help you?

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