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      Carolyn Brett
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      I have a question about using Comments in Google Docs, if that’s OK?
      I am proofreading the teachers reports but, when I make a comment in a report, the teachers are not getting emailed my comments even though they have the Email Notifications turned on in, say, the Year 2 Folder.
      When the teachers make a comment, I get an email each time – they just don’t get mine!!
      I set up each individual report – there are about 30 per folder. Do you know what I can do to ensure they get my comments?
      Thanks and regards
      Carolyn Brett
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      Rob Clarke
      If you put a +theiremailaddress in then you’ll get an option to ‘assign’ the comment as a task to the person. This will notify them – new feature which is about a week old.
      Quite good for this sort of task I’d say!
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      Rob Clarke

      Hi Rob

      Thanks for getting back to me so quickly – yes, that would work for what I want. Can I assign it to 3 different teachers? One report has input from up to 3 teachers and I don’t know which one wrote what (without going into the history)!
      I still don’t understand why I get their comments and they don’t get mine! Any ideas?
      Thank you!
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      Rob Clarke
      They may have turned comment notifications off is the most likely cause.

      Unfortunately you can only assign it to one person, not more than one. Spotted this the other day.

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      Rob Clarke

      Thanks for your help, Rob, It’s much appreciated.

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      Rob Clarke
      No worries at all 😉

      So you know, the membership community will be going live this month! We are getting close to being able to launch which is exciting.

      An interesting challenge to bring to life!

      Have a good weekend,

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