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      Sharon Marsh
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      Can you help me…..I have just collected info from parents about student conferences using a Form. Included in the form, I asked two questions which required a short answer. Now that I am looking at the responses, the first short answer question has the answers listed (all good!) but the second one has put them in a graph making it almost impossible to read the comments…????

      [moderator insert: this screen shot illustrates what Sharon is asking here, the last question should have given a list of responses but the Form has tried to (incorrectly) assume what type of presentation will be useful]

      Form responses incorrectly presenting as a graph, when they should be a list of responses...

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      • This topic was modified 6 years, 11 months ago by Rob Clarke. Reason: Rob inserted screenshot to illustrate for other members
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      Rob Clarke

      Hi Sharon,

      That is a bit of a pain! Here is a video I’ve recorded for you which shows you what to do:

      Essentially all you need to do is open up the resulting spreadsheet and all will be well.

      Please let me know how you go,

      Rob 😉

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