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      Rob Clarke

      Below is a video tutorial I’ve made which I thought I’d make available to members first. It explains how to use a Google Form to facilitate the goal setting process.

      Once this goes public I intend to sharing a series of resources with this video tutorial, including a free Google Form template for you to copy and adapt for your own use.

      The accompanying template with this tutorial has a number of benefits:

      1. For class teachers and school leaders – if you opt to capture this information using a Google Form, you can then use the resulting Google Sheet to capture evidence along the way.
      2. For class teachers – when it comes time for reporting, you can use these parent written ideas to help craft your reporting.
      3. For school leaders – if you use one version of this template across your teaching team or school, then you get aggregated data on what is important for the learners in your team/school. As a school leader you can then be involved in everyone’s goal setting and support them alongside the teachers.
      4. For school review – if you use the same template to capture information about curriculum design, you’ve done some of your ongoing review at the same time as capturing goal setting information – brilliant!

      For further information check this post on learningarchitects.com which goes into detail about the thinking behind this… (won’t be live for another few days).

      I will monitor this post so if you’d like the template please reply.

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