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      Charmaine Hattrill
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      Hey Rob

      We are updating our brochures and website and want to have a ‘[email protected]’ (or something similar) that comes straight to me and I can filter it to the appropriate person.

      I thought we had a ‘office@’ but I think I’m thinking about the google groups instead of an actual email address for outsiders to use to contact the school.

      Are you able to give me a hand with this please?


      Charmaine  🙂

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      Charmaine Hattrill
      Points: 134

      Hi Charmaine,

      Good question. I think the best way to achieve what you describe is to create an alias for [email protected] on your user account.

      An alias is an alternative email address that can be assigned to a user – so it is quite a flexible way to give users additional roles.

      To do this:

      1. Log into and search for your username.
      2. Scroll down to Account > Aliases and add in info@…

      You can have as many as you like, for example you might give Tina god@ (or would it be goddess@ haha?).

      Rob 😉

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