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      Claire Howison
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      Hi Rob,

      Kids have been doing these and I can’t view them all.

      How do I view and respond? I can only find information about a business site – is a school the same?

      Nāku noa, nā

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      Rob Clarke

      Hi Claire,

      Great questions which has given me some learning also – thanks!

      Thankfully, Google has an automated algorithm that scans for inappropriate language/etc. and it also has the ability for others to flag reviews that need reporting.

      Given this is children doing these reviews, it’s a great opportunity for helping learn aspects about being a good citizen.

      To view the reviews:

      1. Click the hyperlink which says 5 reviews.
      2. From there, you can see that it only shows the ‘most relevant’ ones.
      3. Click the link to the top right corner of the review you can see called ‘Most relevant’ and select ‘Newest’ –
      4. There is a GREAT opportunity in this, get the teacher to ask children why they rated it X or Y and see if the user will agree to edit their review.

      It’s also a great opportunity for students to learn about their digital footprint and how it can (in this case) affect the school, etc.

      Below is another screenshot showing where the student needs to go inside My Contributions in Google Maps. Once in there, they can edit their reviews and alter them.

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      Claire Howison
      Points: 158

      Thanks for that, however, it will only show two reviews despite the other options.

      I will investigate with the students tomorrow.

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      Rob Clarke

      hmmm…. did you scroll down? I notice that the scrollbar is one of those trendy ones that you have to move your pointer over before it appears… which I think not the best idea – not very good UI for Google who usually nail it!

      I can see someone called Harrison Durie who has given the school a 2-star rating.

      Does that help?

Viewing 3 reply threads
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