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      Rhonda Hamilton-Cross
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      I completed this form and passed it with ease. It was very easy to follow and Rob’s clear instructions and explanations made it a breeze. I am a note taker, so now have my own “bible” of notes!! Rob has also sent through some shortcut notes which I have added in too. Some of the information I knew form my own experience but I found this good to cover again as a refresher. The conditional formatting I found very useful along with the count function. Being in a small rural school (36 children) some of the information may not be of use as much as in a large school, however anything to make my job easier is greatly appreciated. Thanks Rob

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      Rob Clarke

      Hi Rhonda,

      That’s great to hear – you’ve made my week! I’m so glad the course made a difference to you – what would make it even better I wonder?

      Plus I’m interested in what you want to learn next, that helps drive the decisions around future courses, resources, etc.

      Have a restful weekend,


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