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      Rob Clarke

      Kia ora [accessally_is_logged_in][accessally_user_firstname],

      You may have heard that Google has brought out a new version of Google Sites. This happened mid 2017 and this new version is dramatically different (mainly in the area of mobile responsiveness).

      The old version of Google Sites is an old product which is now on the list to be ‘de-commissioned’ over time.

      We recently sent this update out for all clients who have purchased our Staff or Board of Trustees Portal solution. Our previous update was early May last year.

      New vs old version of Sites - which should you use for internal portals?Google has started releasing the migration tool to move classic Google Sites to the new Google Sites.

      At the moment, it is available to administrators for G Suite domains on ‘rapid release’ and the migration tool will be available for G Suite non-administrator site owners from 19 June 2018.

      It is most likely that your G Suite system is not on rapid release (we advise to stay on scheduled release) for new features, so you can expect this to roll out over the coming weeks, from 19 June 2018.

      What to expect

      To get a detailed sense of the capabilities of the new Google Site, see Steegle’s excellent Google Sites Classic Comparison.

      We suggest you don’t re-create your Staff, Student or Board Portals as it’s not about ‘pretty’ – it’s about ‘functional’. If you have all sorts of gadgets inserted into your existing Google Sites, then don’t expect these to all migrate over.

      Help to migrate existing sites

      When you are ready, if you’d like help moving sites to the new Google Sites, please get in touch.


      Further reference:

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