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      Rob Clarke

      Website sliders are an effective and easy way to create an engaging and good-looking website, while pointing to different parts with buttons and links.

      Here are the steps to swap out an image for your slider in the Divi theme.

      1. Log into your website so you can edit it, then navigate to the page where the slider is located.
      2. At the top in the middle is a link called Enable Visual Builder which is a visual way to edit your pages/posts. The Divi visual builder is easy to use and works really well.
      3. Hover over the module you wish to edit, in this case it is the slider module.
      4. Be aware that there are a number of modules you can edit, so when starting out, you might accidentally hover over and click other elements (eg. columns or rows). If you hover over and click the slider module, you should see a popup that has the individual slides for editing.

      Screenshot for divi slider

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      Lee-Anne Waho
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      For the main slider what size are the photos meant to be? for the other ones I have been making them Resolution 72, but when I do this for the slider, they appear quite small.

      Thanks Penny

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      Rob Clarke

      Hi Penny,

      The guidance on the Divi site says this:

      The width of your fullwidth slider background image is always determined by the browser width. Based on standard screen sizes we recommend that your images are at least 1280px wide. But for larger monitors, a safer bet would be to use an image that is 1920px wide

      What I would do is find one of the existing images in the Media library and check out the size of those images. This will ensure consistency between slider imagery.

      Let me know how this helps you,


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