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      Rob Clarke

      We suggest that you have a couple of super admin users for your system who know what they are doing/etc. You’ll need to be a super admin to do this 😉

      To give someone super admin access, follow these steps:

      1. Log in to
      2. Search for the user you wish to upgrade.
      3. You will see the user details panel come up. To the right side are some boxes/panels. Scroll down to find the Admin roles and privileges panel and click on Assign roles (if they don’t have any roles thus far).
      4. You will see some sliders which are clickable to the right of the various levels of privileges you can assign.
      5. Click the one next to the Super Admin option.
      6. Don’t forget to click ‘save’ when done.

      From then on, that person will need to re-activate their account when they next sign-in, then he/she will be able to manage the system along with you.

      You can assign privileges according to organisational unit (OU); however, in most cases you will create a super administrator for all OUs.

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