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      Rob Clarke

      One of the topics inside the course Google Sheets & Forms for the Office is how to protect information inside your Sheet. This is useful when you want to share a Sheet with others, but there might be parts of the sheet which you do not want to be altered.

      editLock Add-onExamples of this might include:

      • A budget spreadsheet which has the actual spend and the total budget – perhaps you have only 1-2 people who can edit this, but want everyone else to view it only.
      • A contact list.
      • A roster or timetable – eg. a duty roster or library timetable – perhaps only the duty person or library staff can edit the roster/timetable.

      Today I came across a new Add-on for Sheets which gives you a LOT more flexibility in this – the ability to automatically lock cells or ranges of cells in a Sheet. This Add-on is called editLock – which is available in our Resource Library > Useful Add-ons list.

      Here is a short overview:

      You can get this Add-on here – give it a go – you’ll love the flexibility you get from it!

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