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      Rob Clarke

      This handy tip gives you the ability to send emails later or to schedule them. Boomerang for Gmail enables a couple of really handy features that will really save you time and make life easier – I use it on an almost daily basis!

      There are lots of instances where this is useful:

      • If you want to prepare a newsletter to send out to parents
      • To remind staff of something
      • If you are working at a time when you don’t want others to know

      Find this extension by going to the Useful Extensions section of the Resource Library and click on the filter for either:

      1. Application > Mail or
      2. Useful for… > Scheduling email messages…

      (or simply click the Boomerang icon on the right to install it directly…)

      Boomerang for Gmail will give you a couple of other handy features:

      • If a message isn’t read then you can opt for the message to be sent back (or boomeranged) back to you!
      • You can track whether a message is opened or not – this can be really useful so you might want to show your Principal this one.
      • Schedule recurring emails – be careful with this one – a good example might be to remind people of a meeting (eg. Board meetings, due dates for bills)… though I’d suggest calendar might be another option for this type of task.

      Here is an overview video which shows you how it works.


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      Charmaine Hattrill
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      Hi Rob


      Thanks for this – looks very useful and have downloaded!

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      Rob Clarke

      Great, glad it is useful Charmaine 😉

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