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      Rob Clarke

      How To Use Google Drive Offline

      How To Use Google Drive OfflineLearning how to use Google Drive offline is an important feature within the Google Apps system to understand, especially if you work where there is unreliable wifi connectivity or perhaps travel (this is a good one for your principal when he/she goes to conferences).

      Offline mode allows your documents, slides, sheets and drawings to be synchronised to the user and browser that set them on a particular computer. It is important to enable this if you move about and find yourself with wifi that might be unreliable.

      This movie explains how this feature works and how to enable it within Google Drive…

      For further reference check this Google help article…

      In addition to this, here are two other Google tools that work offline:

      Gmail offlineGmail offline – this Chrome App is a good way to help you be efficient and catch up on emails if you don’t have wifi connectivity. Please note this only works in the Google Chrome web browser.

      Google MapsGoogle Maps offline – this is a really handy feature for those of us who travel.


      Further reference on this in this post on…

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