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      Wendy Bulloch
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      Hi everyone,

      I work at Te Totara Primary School which is situated in the Northern suburbs of Hamilton.  I was a founding member of staff when we opened our doors in February 2008 with 58 children.  Since the initial build we have gone through the building process twice more and at this stage our roll sits at 843.

      It was exciting to prepare in 2007 for the anticipated growth and the five founding staff members put systems and procedures in place that have stood the test of time and the increasing roll.

      As a school we have been using Google Doc’s for a little over a year now and are reaping the benefits of being able to communicate and share documents across the school.

      I have always loved the idea of a “paperless” office and with Google Doc’s I am well on the way to achieving this.  Of course, there are some instances where paper is necessary, but I am finding ways of trimming this down as well.

      My latest initiative is to have an E-Order Book on google doc’s.  All staff members have access to the document and can jump on their computer and complete the order book.  The columns where the budget holder approves the expense are locked and only the budget holders can enter their authorisation in this column.  Users then email budget holders, give them the order number, and ask for them to place their name in the authorisation column.  No more physically chasing budget holders for their approval.  It is all done on Google Sheets!  I might add I received approval from my Auditor to use this system.

      I am so looking forward to learning what Google Doc’s can do for me in my office, which I can then pass on to the rest of the school staff.

      So, thanks Rob for this and I look forward to sharing ideas and information with other users.

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      Rob Clarke

      Kia ora Wendy,

      Thanks for such a great introduction. It sure sounds like Te Totara has been a great journey. There’s nothing quite like starting a new school, it’s such an exciting journey! I cherish my days at Tahatai Coast many moons ago.

      Thanks for giving us an overview of your system for ordering – that sounds like it saves a lot of hassle and time and makes everything transparent. I’d be keen to see it.

      I’m very much looking forward to helping you and your team in their journey further.



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