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      Steve Matthews
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      Hi Rob,

      I have a goggle doc for my principals report. In I linked other google docs I had created.
      How do I share these so the BOT can access them?

      At the moment I have to share them individually with the BOT.

      Is there an easier way to do this?


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      Rob Clarke

      Hi Steve,

      There are a few things that might fall out of this… one is the way you organise your BoT files, the other is whether or not to move the BoT into the G Suite system as well (which would make things easier once they know how to access it). Some points/options:

      1. You could share the documents to anyone who has the link which would be a somewhat ‘manual’ way to do this: 
      2. An easier option is to place all the BoT documents into ONE folder whose link is shared the same way as above to the trustees. You could (my preference) set up a Team Drive, then connect each Trustee to it and place documents in there. If you do this, then they would need a Google account.

      I think the easiest, for now, is to place them into a folder and share that folder. Then longer term consider whether you want to get the BoT into the G Suite system.

      Let me know how you go,


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