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      Steve Matthews
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      On the TBCS Staff Blog, how do I add Margaret? Craig Judy-Anne and Steve are already there.

      Snipped page


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      Rob Clarke

      Hi Steve,

      Good question! These links at the top are actually links to labels in the blog, which is a great way to make your blog a dynamic tool for filtering the information… in this case the journey of a teacher’s learning.

      Follow these steps to create a link for Margaret:

      1. Hover over one of the others and you’ll see the URL in the footer of your browser window. It will look like this:
      2. If you right-click (or control-click on a Mac) you will get a contextual menu. Select ‘Copy link address’ to copy this URL.
      3. Go to Blogger and make sure you are showing the right blog!
      4. Navigate to the Layout section of the blog.
      5. Locate the Page List gadget which looks like this: Blogger - Layout - Page list gadget
      6. Click the little pencil to the right and edit this.
      7. You’ll see you can add pages, or external URLs. Click ‘Add external URL‘… this is not actually an external URL, it is the URL of a label category within the blog, so we are tricking Blogger here.
      8. Give it a title and paste the URL in, changing the ‘Steve’ end part to ‘Margaret’ in this case.
      9. Save the gadget, then click the orange button Save Arrangement.
      10. Navigate to view the blog and voila!
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