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      Alyson Aislabie
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      I have got a student who tried to register for google plus and because he entered his real age (he’s only 10) google has automatically and permanently suspended his account and I can ‘t get it back unless we provide evidence he is over 13 which he’s not :0

      This is really inconvenient as we are 1:1 chromebooks and have jsut started using google classrooms, he can’t get on to anything šŸ™

      What do I do? Any ideas?



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      Rob Clarke

      Hi Alyson,

      This happens because G+ has a 13+ limitation. If your G Suite system is not set up to avoid this it will happen again, so this may be something to check. Here is how to unsuspend a user inside the Admin Console:

      1. Sign in to the Google Admin console.
      2. ClickĀ Users.
      3. Filter iconUnderĀ FiltersĀ at the side of the user list, choose theĀ Suspended user’sĀ filter. If you don’t seeĀ Filters, click the little filter icon.
      4. Click the suspended userā€™s name to go to their account page.
      5. On the user’s account page, you’ll see 3 dots to the right of the user and choose:Ā Restore user. Let me know if you can’t see this option, as it depends on your access level.

      Additional reference…

      Let me know how you go,

      Rob šŸ˜‰

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      Rob Clarke

      Hey Alyson,

      Did that last post help you?


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