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      Rob Clarke

      The ‘Explore’ tool is a really handy way to speed up your research or to make sense of the information in your Google Sheets or Slides.

      This tool changes based on which app you are using – Docs, Sheets or Slides. Here is a short video explaining how this works:

      Here are some animations to show you how the tool works.

      Using the Explore Tool in Google Docs…

      This is great for speeding up research or for referencing sources. Ideas:

      • teaching students what footnotes are and how to use them
      • inserting images into Documents
      • locating files inside your Drive to use/refer to

      Additional reference for teachers…

      Using the Explore tool in Google Slides…

      Speed up the design process. Explore dynamically generates design suggestions, based on the content of your slide. Simply pick a recommendation and apply it with a single click — no cropping, resizing or reformatting required.

      Using the Explore Tool in Google Sheets…

      Explore inside Sheets is a super handy tool. You can:

      • format data to make it easier to view
      • ask questions about your data
      • insert graphs and explore different functions
      • Explore in Sheets is available on the web, Android and now on iOS, too!

      Learn more about Sheets in our Google Sheets and Forms course…

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