Ever wanted to create a QR code using a spreadsheet? If so, read on 😉

This is done by calling an API with the IMAGE function which returns a QR code based on your data. It’s pretty neat! You can then scan the QR code with your phone camera or a QR reader to quickly access that data, e.g. here’s a QR code I created to access learningarchitects.com

(Tip: This QR code can be copied and pasted into a Google Doc.)

Follows these steps:

1. In your sheet enter the web URL or name or address etc. of the data you wish the QR code to link to.
2. Then in another cell insert this formula


3. Make sure you replace “A1” if required, with the co-ordinates of the cell that contains the information you want the QR code to link too.
4. Hit enter, Voila! a QR code appears.

This is a tip we borrowed from Sheets guru Ben Collins. More from him here.

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