This chrome extension completely takes away the need to take notes, so you can focus on the meeting. When enabled, records and transcribes the meeting for you using an AI assistant ‘Fred’.

Fireflies Meeting Recorder Transcribe, Search works with Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Team and others.

How it works:

  1. Install this extension for Google Chrome here.
  2. Create a new Google Calendar event. You will see the Fireflies button has been added. Click on this button and invite the AI assistant Fred to your scheduled meeting.
  3. On joining a meeting admit Notetaker  – it will automatically begin to record and transcribe when the meeting starts.
  4. On conclusion, when you close the meeting “Fred Fireflies” emails a meeting recap. This transcript can be edited and searched, and you also get a link to share it with others.


Tip: Remember to ask meeting participants permission to record them.



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