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      Kia ora everyone,

      We hope you and the team at your school are doing well. 

      There’s been plenty happening at Learning Architects HQ since our last community update and I’m pleased to tell you that it’s all good!

      Following on from our MoE PLD Providers Accreditation, we have expanded our team and  have 8 facilitators providing customised PLD across NZ

      We have also expanded the team that support this community, and it is my pleasure to introduce you to Wanda Kingma. 

      Wanda will managing the community, ensuring our systems enable you to learn new skills and solve your IT related problems quickly. She will also be helping me and members of the PLD team to develop new content and online courses for you. 

      Over the coming months, she will make sure you will:

      1. Receive monthly updates of new content, resources and handy tips. At times you will receive specific updates based on your particular  role. You can expect tips designed to help you in your particular role.
      2. Feel welcome to send us your feedback about how we best communicate this new content with you. We are planning to have transcripts available for every video (thanks Anne Cato in Rotorua for this great suggestion).
      3. Have access to new courses: Google Top Tips and Best Practices for Organising Cloud-based Systems will be first off the ramp. We will send you an update as soon as they are launched.

      Welcome new members!

      A big welcome to the following new members: 

      Juliette and Ann from Fernworth in Invercargill, Natalie from Takanini in Auckland, Danny from Te Matauru in Christchurch, Claire from Ararira Springs in Christchurch, Deja from Crofton Downs in Wellington, Sharon and Laura from Shotover in Queenstown, Nicola from St Joseph’s in Nelson, Craig and Olivia from Tasman Bay Christian.

      New Q&A forum – Digital Technologies Curriculum

      Digital Technologies CurriculumWe have a new discussion forum dedicated to this curriculum implementation. If you of your staff have questions, please post them here and we will provide support. 

      Click here to visit and ask your question…

      New resources and tips to explore:

      1. Use Section Breaks in Google Docs
      2. Clean up data in cells: Quickly remove duplicate data, trim white space in your sheet
      3. Voice typing in Google Docs
      4. How to publish a Google Doc to the web
      5. Team Drive – how to email collaborators from inside Team Drive
      6. Google Sites migration tool
      7. How to print from inside Google Photos

      Remember you can search for items in the forums and it will look through everyone’s discussions. 

      It’s been an interesting time to say the least for teachers and principals across NZ as we strive to get improved working conditions for educators. We fully support principals in their upcoming claims, whatever these end up being!

      Until then, please have a restful holiday break and we’ll see you in the new term!

      Rob and the team

      ps: the first person to explain what ‘Junly‘ means will receive movie vouchers or a bottle of wine!

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      Bevan James
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      Junly is the post you were meant to put out in June that turned into July.


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      Rob Clarke

      Well, well, well… look who won!

      Well done Bevan. Now the question is… wine or movie vouchers?

      Perhaps you should ask Cindy…?

      Rob 😉

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