Creating your own templates

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This module will help you to set up your own templates within the tabs inside the Google Sheet. This will enable you to customise the Staff Booklet to your school/organisation.

You will learn:

How to create your own tab in the Google Sheet.
How to change the size of rows or columns.
How to apply borders to cells.
How to merge cells in the Google Sheet.
How to add the 'Crop Sheet' add-on to your Google Sheet and get rid of unnecessary rows/columns.

This video is a little longer at 5 minutes 28 seconds because it covers a number of useful skills:

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  1. If you have particular documents that exist in your school/organisation that you want inside your Staff Booklet, we suggest starting with the ones that are simple (if you are new to using a Google Sheet).
  2. Once the tabs are inside your Staff Booklet, then you can look at getting those responsible for that area (eg. duty roster, CRT roster, etc.) to put the content into it – or check you’ve got the right information in there!

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