Purpose of the Staff Booklet

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The purpose of the Staff Booklet is to organise and consolidate your cloud-based organisational information into one easy to find place.

This template has been built using a Google Sheet because it has a range of useful features that you can take advantage of. These features are not available in a regular Google Document.

They give you flexibility and control for how you implement this important document in your school or organisation.

You will learn:

The purpose of the Staff Booklet
Why a Google Sheet is useful for the Staff Booklet
Quick quiz

Watch this video to get an overview of the purpose of the Staff Booklet™ and learn what is coming in this practical short course.

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Take the quiz:

What is the greatest advantage of the Staff Booklet?
What is the main advantage of using a Google Sheet for the Staff Booklet?
Why might this help with forward planning?

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