Annual Plan Critique

[accessally_user_firstname], would you like our feedback on your Annual Plan and/or Annual Report?

We can offer you a free critique of your existing plan and give you feedback in these ways:

  • help you identify any areas of potential gap
  • check you have a balance across your strategic goals
  • advise on how you might link different areas together or maximise opportunities
  • provide new ideas, strategies or possibilities you and your team may not have considered

Instructions for Annual Plan upload:

Upload your Annual Plan below...
Type here if you have questions about your Annual Plan you'd like our help with...

  1. If you would like feedback on your Annual Plan, please upload it in the note above or email it to [email protected]
  2. If uploading it here, it must be less than 1MB in size (PDF format or share it to us).
  3. Please include any questions or aspects you’d like us to feedback on in the note.

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