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The Education Act 1989, amendment 87AB now requires schools to publish their Annual Report online. It states:

87ABAnnual report to be made available

A board must ensure that its annual report is available to the public on an Internet site maintained by or on behalf of the board.

Section 87ABinserted, on 19 May 2017, by section 69 of the Education (Update) Amendment Act 2017 (2017 No 20).

You may notice the Act doesn’t require schools to publish their Annual Plans online – just the Annual Report.


We view publishing your Annual Plan and the resulting Annual Report online as good practice, as it has the benefits of increased transparency by informing people, so they can choose to commit to supporting the school in its goals.


You will learn:
Advantages of publishing documents online
How to publishing as a PDF plus advantages/disadvantages of this method
How to publish as a webpage
How to publish using an embed code plus the disadvantage of this method
Issues to be aware of - privacy and commentary
This video is 3 minutes 32 seconds long:

[accessally_user_firstname], please note that the Annual Report must not contain any information that may breach any individual’s privacy, for example:
  • Names of individual students
  • Comments about individual students / families / teachers
  • Any lists of data about individual students
  • Photos of students where permission has not be given by the student/parents for their use.
  • References to specific disabilities of students may be withheld depending on context and whether it poses a risk to privacy.
These items above are taken from the Ministry of Education website and are not an exhaustive list. For in-depth information on this issue, here is the NZSTA guidance on privacy or call them on 0800 782 435.

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