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Streamline Annual Planning & Reporting CourseDear [accessally_user_firstname],

Thanks for completing this short course. We hope it has made the management of your Annual Planning process much easier.

Now you have spent a bit of time customising your Annual Plan, it is time to look at what might be useful to you next. There are lots of possibilities!

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Next Step Possibilities

Free Annual Plan Critique

Would you like a complimentary critique of your existing Annual Plan?

As a former principal and technology/curriculum expert, I can offer you some complimentary feedback on your existing Annual Plan. This would involve you sharing it to me (either as a Google Document, or an email attachment) and I will get in touch to make a time to go through it with you.

This would be a short, focussed online meeting aimed at giving you some constructive feedback that will help you improve your plan.

Upload your Annual Plan below...
Type here if you have questions about your Annual Plan you'd like our help with...

If you would like us to provide you with feedback on your Annual Plan, feel free to upload it in the note above or email it to [email protected] (please note it must be less than 1MB in size if you upload it).

Or if you prefer, please get in touch with me here: [email protected] or 021 590 572

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Organise Your School With A Staff Booklet



Organise your school with a staff bookletThis is another short course which includes a FREE template designed to streamline school systems

Price: $49.95

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Social Sharing Course

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