Have you ever wanted to ‘turn off’ those annoying emails over the weekend, or when you are away from the office? Here’s how:

  1. Click the settings cog ⚙︎ top right of your Gmail (mail.google.com/mail/u/0/?tab=om#settings/general).
  2. Tick the radio button ‘Out of Office AutoReply on’ and select dates.
  3. Give the message a subject and description.
  4. Tip: When AutoReply reply is on, you’ll see a banner across the top of your inbox that shows the subject of your response, click on the links to end or alter your reply.

We suggest you tell them when you expect to pick up emails (eg. during business hours), plus you might give them an option if the message is urgent (eg. mobile number or email of someone who is available).

Further guidance: Out of office or vacation reply – Google Support

Featured image – thanks to pexel.com

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