Google Sheets: Analysing Information

[accessally_user_firstname], watch these videos to learn how to analyse information by using formulas to speed up calculations and automate some repetitive tasks which previously would have taken you a lot of time. No more time wasted searching for that lost calculator in your desk!

Topics addressed include:

  1. An introduction to some of the more common formulas and scenarios to illustrate their usage.
  2. Smart ways to work with text and automatically clean it up in a few clicks.
  3. An introduction to some more complex functions that are based on conditions.

[accessally_user_firstname], amaze people with your skills at instant data analysis using pivot tables! Apply these skills and be sure to share an example with the community in the discussion forum.

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Module Progress:

Google Sheets: Analysing Information - Basic formulas for everyday tasks
Google Sheets: Analysing Information - Formulas to work with text
Google Sheets: Analysing Information - Using conditional functions


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