Gathering Information – Introduction to Google Forms

Hi [accessally_user_firstname], Google Forms are a powerful, yet simple, survey tool that have a wide range of uses.

If you’ve ever completed online surveys for market research or other purposes, you’ll be familiar with the way they work – with a question and various types of answer types.

A Google Form is a really quick and easy to learn way to gather information from others, whether inside your organisation or outside of it.

Because this topic requires more explanation, we’ve created a longer video (17 minute 21 seconds).

You will learn:

(Click each of these objectives to jump to the corresponding topic in the video.)

Where to find Forms
How to name your Form
What is a Google Form
Navigating the Form editor
Understanding Form Settings
Types of fields in a Form
How to re-order fields
Field settings to be aware of
How to force data entry with Data Validation
Deciding on field types
Where to your Form responses go
Viewing the resulting spreadsheet
How to send a Form to others
Testing your Form
Share your Form into the Discussion Forum

This longer video is 17 minutes and 22 seconds long – remember you can click one of the objectives above to jump to that section in the video:

There are a huge variety of uses for Forms in a school or office. Jump in and give them a go!

Examples of how you might use forms include:

  • To collect feedback from your community.
  • To set up a staff leave form (this will have a tutorial in future).
  • To survey students about stationery they require.
  • To conduct a board survey.
  • To ask staff for feedback on a pending decision.
  • To set up a recruitment form for your web site.
  • To manage Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC) trips (this will have an advanced tutorial in future).
  • To set up an ICT or maintenance requests form and enable tracking for staff responsible (this will have an advanced tutorial in future).

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