Google Sheets: Sharing information – Creating graphs

Hi [accessally_user_firstname], once you know how to manage the numbers inside a Google Sheet, you can then take advantage of these by sharing this information visually with others.

One way to do this is through publishing a graph, or as Sheets call them a ‘chart’. This is a relatively simple task and once done, you can even publish just the graph to share with others (see the next lesson in this module).

You will learn:

How to set up a graph.
Quick ways to insert a graph.
How to customise a graph.
How to publish a graph to another place (Slideshow, Doc, Site, etc.)

This video is 5 minutes 31 seconds long:

Scenarios where this will be useful might include:

  • Publishing curriculum expenditure for a board report.
  • Sharing RSVPs to an event visually to your community.
  • Sharing a wishlist to staff or community.

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