Google Sheets: Analysing Information – Using conditional functions

[accessally_user_firstname], Once you have the basics for using formulas you are likely to want to do more with your Sheets.

This might include counting the number of values inside a range, or adding figures up that relate to a particular category. These sorts of functions are known as conditional functions, in that they only work based on a condition that you specify.

You will learn:

How to use conditional counts across a range of values using COUNTIF.
How to sum values up across a range of values based on conditions using SUMIF.
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These two videos will introduce you to two of the more common conditional functions and how they can be used.

Using COUNTIF to check if a value exists

This video is 3 minutes 16 seconds long:

Situations where this might be useful include:

  • Totalling up the numbers of certain items – e.g. orders of different categories
  • Adding up the total of boys or girls in a list

Using SUMIF to add up the values in a range

SUMIF enables you to total up the values of an identified criteria within a range.

This video is 2 minutes 53 seconds long:

Situations where this might be useful include:

  • Summing the total value of a particular item within a range – e.g. particular item totals.
  • Whenever you are dealing with money and you need to check the total received against orders.

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What is a conditional function?
What is the difference between COUNTIF and SUMIF?

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