Sharing information – Ways to Email Your Sheet

This tutorial shows you three methods that enable you to share your Sheet with others.

The first two involve sharing the entire Sheet, whereas the third involves sharing a part of your sheet via email. The nice thing about these tricks is that they are quick and very easy!

You will learn:

Three methods for sharing Sheets via email
What an ‘Add-on’ is.
How to find and install Add-ons onto your Sheets using our Resource Library.
How to use the Email Sheet Add-on
How to use the Email Range Add-on to share information quickly.

This video is 5 minutes 49 seconds:

Examples of how you might use this trick include:

  • Sending information to your board treasurer (if you don’t want to share the entire Sheet with him/her.
  • Sending your accountant a budget spreadsheet to check.
  • Sending staff an update of expenditure from the curriculum budget.

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