Google Sheets: Working with Data – Quickly entering data

Hi [accessally_user_firstname], one of the great things about Google Sheets is the ability to quickly enter data in to them. This greatly speeds up your ability to get work done and make decisions based on the information the Sheet provides.

This video will show you how to quickly enter data into your Sheet in order to save yourself lots time when setting up and working in your Sheets.

You will learn:

How to fill down or across a range of cells.
How to repeat a series of data across a range of cells.
Some handy keyboard shortcuts to save you time.

This video is 3 minutes 47 seconds long:

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PDFWell done [accessally_user_firstname], keep an eye out for an email with some handy keyboard shortcuts for Google Sheets.

Please print these out to refer to as you practice the skills you’ve learned.

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