Google Sheets: Interacting and Collaborating – Protecting some parts of the sheet

When collaborating with others in Google Sheets there will be times when you don’t want collaborators to alter information inside them so that mistakes don’t occur.

This tutorial shows you how to protect certain parts of your Google Sheet to effectively ‘lock’ it from users you do not wish to have access.

This is important when you start sharing Sheets with lots of other users, some of whom you want to view, but not change, certain information!

You will learn:

How to protect parts of a sheet using 'protected ranges'.
How to select the range you wish to protect.
How to name the protected range.
How to specify who can edit the range.

This video is 3 minutes 5 seconds long:

Examples where this might be useful include:

  • Sharing a budget spreadsheet with staff – locking the actual budget and actuals totals.
  • Locking cells in a duty roster or classroom release timetable.
  • Sharing a budget or sales with your parent teacher/support organisation.


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