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Do you hate scheduling meetings by email? Not anymore!

This tip is what I call a ‘life changer’ – the ability to schedule a meeting with someone with just a few clicks. This will help you avoid the endless, mind-numbing, ping-pong of emails back and forth! 

This short 1-minute humourous video to illustrates this problem:

This tip covers these topics:

How to install the extension
How to schedule a meeting in just a few clicks
How Boomerang Calendar works

Scroll down to learn how to do this…

How to schedule meetings in a few clicks…

[accessally_user_firstname], first you need to install the Chrome extension Boomerang Calendar , then work through the set up and specify a default calendar to work from. This will completely eliminate the annoyance of scheduling meetings!

This saves you time by:

    1. Sending your availability to others – you can even reserve the time slots in your calendar.
    2. Automatically ‘senses’ the event information in an email. For example, it uses a colour code for the meeting information inside emails: green = available, red = not available, yellow = all day
    3. Set up a group event inside your email!
    4. The other person simply clicks their preference – then voila! Boomerang Calendar then places the meeting information in both your calendars!

[accessally_user_firstname], install it and give it a go – it will save you an ENORMOUS amount of unnecessary emails

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