How Sharing Works in G Suite

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Understanding sharing is a critical aspect of being able to manage any cloud-based environment.

These two videos below will give you a good overview.

You will learn:

Compare how sharing works in the cloud from how we shared in the past
Sharing different types of document in G Suite
Two ways to share items from inside Drive or the document itself
The 3 levels of access available
How to control whether editors can share the file with others
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Sharing overview

Sharing using cloud-based systems such as G Suite is different from how we used to share files with one another in the past; where we sent an attachment.

The problem with that approach was that it created multiple copies of the same file; plus there wasn’t an easy way to manage the most up to date version of the file.

Sharing using a cloud-based system such as G Suite overcomes this.

This first video is 2 min 51 sec long:

How to share items inside G Suite


Sharing applies to all the different apps inside G Suite: Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, and others. This second video shows you the mechanics of how to share an item with someone else.

This video is 2 min 32 sec…


Further reference can be found inside the Google Help Centre here: Share files from Google Drive

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