Place items into more than one place in Google Drive

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Learning to use your Google Drive as your filing system is worth taking a bit of time on. 

This trick enables you to place a Google Drive file (or folder) into more than one place, without making a copy of it.

Duplicating files is problematic for a range of reasons: you may disconnect who is shared on to the file, you may lose track which file you are currently working on, and so on.

You will learn:

Why you might not want to duplicate (or copy) a file
How to duplicate a file
How to put a document into multiple places inside Drive

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The Shift-Z Trick

Follow these steps:

    1. Select an item inside Google Drive by clicking it once.
    2. Hold down the Shift key and hit ‘Z’.
    3. You will see a dialogue appear which looks like you are about to move the file.
    4. Notice the greyed button that says ‘Add here’ at the bottom (normally this says ‘Move’).
    5. Navigate to where you’d like the file to be added to.
    6. Once you have selected the folder you wish to add the file to, simply click the green ‘Add here’ button to add the file to that folder.

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